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The Call To Adventure...

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

How would our Warriors continue their learning during these unprecedented circumstances? How would they continue to learn, grow, and be on a Hero's Journey, when things are so different from what they are used to? How would they show the world that learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom, the pages of a textbooks, or traditional teaching? Would they answer the call to adventure?

After 6+ months of uncertainty, anticipation, ambiguity, and rapid change, THA was finally alive and buzzing again with our amazing learners. Nobody had any idea what it would look like to re-open amidst the pandemic. Who would attend in person? Who would be virtual? How would it all work? Would these "little kids" be safe and responsible if they came together?

And once again our Warriors proved to the world just how incredibly capable they are. Not only were they safe and responsible, they went above and beyond expectations, and had an incredible week. (They also loved the extra outdoor time!) Whether they came in person or joined virtually, they were engaged, excited, courteous, welcoming, and intentional... they certainly answered the Call to Adventure.

Here are some highlights from week 1:

Session 1 Maps and Themes: This session the Warriors in every studio will be working on a "Build the Tribe" Quest. They will be embarking in a series of challenges (Lipdub / Music Videos, Contract Creation, Systems of Accountability, Badge Planning, etc.) to develop closer bonds with their studiomates, establish a shared vision for the studio, and create collaborative systems and processes through which they can turn that vision into a reality. (See Quest Maps in the gallery below for more details).

Question of the Year: Throughout history we see heroes rise in the most difficult situations, providing guidance and inspiration for so many. But is it the circumstances that create the Heroes? Or is it the other way around? What if those dire situations aren't around? Would those same heroes arise? As the world grapples with unprecedented circumstances this year, and as we all embark on our own Hero's Journey, we are asking a very powerful and relevant Question of the Year: Do circumstances create Heroes?

Launch Highlights: The Warriors across all studios engaged in several thought provoking launches with topics that included:

- The Hero's Journey

- Identity: Who are you and who are you not?

- Technology guardrails and safety measures

- Do circumstances create Heroes?

- Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

- MLK and the March on Washington (57th anniversary)

- The Star inside of all of us

- Letters to Self

- The Importance of Expressing Gratitude

- Building relationships and connections with fellow Warriors through games

- Promises to one another both in the studio and while learning from home

Other highlights:

Although we know how trust and independence brings out the dormant capabilities of young heroes, it was such a refreshing feeling to bask in the proof of that this week! The guides were amazed by their diligence in keeping their masks on, their leadership in reminding others to social distance, their problem solving abilities when virtual Warriors experienced technical difficulties, seeing the older or more experienced Warriors compassionately supporting the younger ones and at the same time, seeing the younger ones courageously step into leadership roles.

It was fun to watch the MSLP Warriors debate about tech guardrails and how that would work at home (e.g. they decided to turn in their electronic devices to parents during school hours and also decided to carve out "tech-free" time at home to minimize their distractions). The Spark Warriors, who usually take a few weeks to get settled into their routines and work time, seemed to dive right in as if they'd been coming to THA for the last couple months! One of the best things to witness is how welcoming they are to the newest Warriors who've joined the studio.

At drop off one of our newest THA parents shared, "He loves his new school. He used to not share anything about school and I would have to push him to do his work after school. Now he talks about school all day and is working on his own when he gets home..."

ES Quest Map:

MSLP Quest Map:

Spark Map:

Enjoy some snapshots from our incredible week!

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