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Our story


On November 28th, 2015, about a month after our entire Shah family (two brothers, their wives, parents, and children) moved to Dallas, we discovered Acton Academy. For two brothers who were passionate about education and a family full of educators, we knew we had found something truly unique, that really turned learning "upside down."


Acton was exactly what we were looking for in a school: a Socratic approach, an integration of Montessori methodology and philosophy, Socratic discussions throughout the day, learning that is self-paced, hands-on, project-based, life-oriented, and free of traditional barriers to real learning: grades, teachers, tests, etc. It's a place where children are free to question, explore, challenge, experiment, make real-life decisions, face consequences, endure struggles, and prepare for life.

Thus, we began our own "Hero's Journey" and started The Humanist Academy in the Fall of 2016 with 16 brave heroes, 12 amazing families, and a small red brick house in Valley Ranch. We have now grown from that small schoolhouse into a newly renovated space, four separate studios for ages 3 through high school, four times as many learners, and a thriving community on a mission to change the world.

If your journey has led you to us and you, too, are looking for a better option for your family, we encourage you to reach out and find out more. We would love to meet you and your family and hear about your journey.

- Vijay

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