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A holistic approach

"Clear thinking leads to good decisions, that good decisions lead to the right habits, that the right habits lead to character and that character becomes destiny"



Primary focus on academic development

Focuses on the whole child: social, emotional, physical, and academic growth

Single-aged classroom with rows of desks and teacher at the front of the room

Multi-age collaborative environments similar to Google or Facebook

One-size-fits-all curriculum with report cards

Personalized goals and 

learning plans with transparent progress tracking

Textbooks and 


Latest in adaptive tech and hands on materials to teach core-skills.

Teacher makes the rules

Learners establish a self-governed community with contracts, town hall meetings, etc.

The Humanist



21st century learning

The latest in educational technology for self paced mastery in reading, writing, and math skills.

Deep socratic discussions about heroes, history, and self governance to hone critical thinking skills and the ability to powerfully think, write and speak.

Hands-on project based quests to master the tools and skills needed to solve problems in the real world.

Written promises and covenants that form a tightly bound community of individuals learning to form authentic friendships and honestly resolve interpersonal problems.

A Learner-driven community



​Students create and sign a Contract of Promises describing how each individual will act and the consequences for violating community norms.

multi-age studios

Mentor teams encourage younger and older students to listen, affirm, set goals and hold each other accountable.