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Powerful Moments

“Defining moments rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world. In a few seconds or minutes, we realize something that might influence our lives for decades…” – Chip and Dan Heath, The Power of Moments

Who we are and what we become are both tied essentially to the defining moments in our lives, the powerful experiences that last a lifetime. These powerful moments become etched in our memories and ingrained in our psyche, guiding our attitudes, perspectives, and decisions throughout our lives.

Whether it is a community exhibition, leading a town hall, earning a badge, holding another Warrior accountable, learning from a failure, talking out an issue at the peace table, engaging in an inspiring launch, participating in a exhilarating Socratic discussion, collaborating during quest time, or another of the many amazing experiences in the studio, life at THA is centered on creating these powerful moments. Learning is designed to provide a wealth of opportunities that generate these powerful moments, moments that we hope will provide an enriching foundation to support our Heroes as they journey through life.

Here are a few Powerful Moments from recent weeks:

Not only did our Spark Warriors visit Dallas Museum of Art and broaden their perspective as part of their Art Quest, they enjoyed their own hands-on art-making experience!

ES Warriors are on a Gardening Quest this session, creating their own gardens, and immersing themselves in the botanical world. They had a great time at Texas Discovery Gardens, exploring plants, butterflies, and so much more!

In an attempt to develop a connection with nature, understand the deeper process behind where our food comes from, serve a local farm, appreciate hard manual work, and grow in our stamina, diligence, and unity through a powerful experience, our MSLP Warriors visited The Good Earth Organic Farm, and spent the day working with Farmer Paul helping prepare the organic strawberry patch. Farmer Paul was impressed and appreciative of our Warriors’ efforts, and was excited to have us back again!

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