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New Year, New Adventures

There is something so magical about that first day back after the holiday break. The excitement in their eyes when they run onto the field to play dodgeball, the joy of seeing their friends after a long time, the calm of morning meditation, the focus with which they dive back into their core skills, the thought-provoking opening launch, the anticipation of their upcoming quest...

Imagine this, you’re not just back in your middle school classroom. You have been transformed into a 007 agent called upon to save the world from an evil genius. But in order to stop him and save the world, you’ll have to learn all about classical physics. There will be several traps made from levers, pulleys, projectiles, springs, bungees, etc. and you’ll have to understand and experiment with them if you are to save the world. Your first mission: Beyonce has been tied to a lever that will plunge her into a lava pit within 5 days. You have five days to save her before she gets even hotter!

Imagine this, you’re not just back in elementary school, you have transformed into an architect, and in the next six weeks your mission is to design the future THA school building. Your first challenge is to look at actual construction documents and architectural drawings of the current studio, analyze them, and walk around the building exploring different aspects of its structure. The school board has actually started the process of securing a more permanent final location, and the winning team of Warriors will present their design in front of the THA Board!

Imagine this, you’re not just back in your (Montessori) Spark Studio, you’re a medical student on a quest to better understand the human body. You’ll be studying different body systems, making models, creating monologues, drawing diagrams, and so much more! Your first task is to identify different organs and their corresponding body systems. Then you have to create a life size replica of your own body with a partner. If you succeed, you'll be accepted into the world’s most prestigious program: The Spark Studio School of Medicine!

Of course, no adventure is without its hurdles. There’s the adjustment to waking up early every day. There are the social struggles of being placed in different groups and having to work with different people in the studio, even if there are things that annoy you about them. There is anxiety about progress on badges. There’s an adjustment to the discipline, rigor, and high standards of the studio culture. But not only are these struggles healthy, they always seem to rise up and face them, even if it takes some time.

Other Noteworthy highlights:

  • The quality of the session is Humility

  • The older Warriors started a football unit in PE and they are loving it

  • For Sanskrit: SS Warriors are learning body parts, ES Warriors are exploring story telling, and MS Warriors are exploring “Come and eat at my restaurant”

  • The commitment of virtual Warriors to make launches, be present, and stay engaged has been incredible. We even had Warriors who were in Hawaii with their families last session, making it to every launch!

  • MS Warrior finished a week long apprenticeship working closely with an Acton Guide

  • The guides prepared really powerful Launches on new year resolutions, unity, revisiting the contract, how it’s harder to break sticks when are bundled together, a Cantonese tale about emphasizing "All for one and one for all," Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, etc.

  • MSLP Warriors, inspired by a clip from Hamilton, recreated the Jefferson and Hamilton debate

  • ES Warriors are doing a poetry Writer’s Workshop, MSLP Warriors are doing a Hero’s Allegory Genre project.

More pics from the first week!

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