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Building the Tribe

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." -African Proverb

Can't believe we are almost nearing the end of our first session here at THA! Feels like just yesterday we were embarking on a new school year.

The beginning of the school year at THA is all about laying the groundwork, reviewing the basics, and setting the foundation. Every year, our first session quest is all about building a strong tribe and culture for the year that will support each Warrior on his/her Hero's Journey. This quest is repeated every year because each group of learners is unique and the Warriors love it every time! Although each studio took on different challenges and explored 'building the tribe' in slightly different ways, all three studios have spent the past five weeks exploring (in one way or another) what does it means to be part of a tribe? What will this tribe's identity be? What will our standards or requirements be to be a part of this tribe? How will we uphold these standards and culture? Five weeks of team building, creating studio contracts, and introducing studio processes and systems (all in addition to their other work) have surely kept them quite busy!

Take a look at each studio's quest maps to see what kind of challenges each studio took on (from left to right: MS/LP, ES, Spark)

Warriors have no doubt been enjoying the extra outdoor time. Whether it's free time or even core skills, launches, DEAR, Civilization, or Quest, Warriors have found the silver lining of social distancing and are thoroughly enjoying all the extra opportunities to be outside.

As part of getting to know one another and building strong relationships with their tribe and fellow travelers, MSLP Warriors recently went on an outdoor adventure through an aerial obstacle course and various team building challenges at Trinity Adventure Park. No better way to get to know and bond with your tribe than by climbing high in the trees and zip lining their way through a fun filled day!

In ES, Warriors recently connected with over 45 students from a school in Pune, India. The students from Pune were so excited to connect with us! We shared book reviews together and discussed their questions about how the elderly are cared for in America, hoping to gain insights and provide better care. Some of our Warriors had interviewed their grandparents and shared some of their takeaways with the group. Grandpa and Grandma Shah were also invited to join the call and share their experiences.

ES guides shared- "Starting school with all the uncertainties of this year, it has been amazing to see the seamless transition- virtual Warriors adapting and being flexible with any technical hiccups, in studio Warriors reminding each other to social distance and wear their masks properly. Veteran Warriors have been amazing in supporting the newer and younger warriors - volunteering to help, show, explain, collaborate!

The culture they bring is amazing - sticking up for one another in unfair situations, having high standards of behavior for themselves and each other (i.e. voted for an ROE of no eating during launches even when home!), communicating using peace table conversations when faced with dilemmas and struggles in relationships..."

Spark Warriors have jumped right back into their routine as if they had never left. Whether it is exploring older forms of music players, hammering nails into a tree trunk, creating artwork with sidewalk chalk, reading, building with sensorial materials, or practicing their magic skills, their enthusiasm and curiosity for whatever they are doing is contagious! Be sure to look through the pictures below to see what kind of exploration they've been doing.

These past five weeks have been full of fun, laughter, and bonding. There is no doubt that the upcoming year will come with its own set of setbacks, challenges, and struggles as well as memories, joys, and celebrations but whatever may come, the Warriors know they have their peers to lean on, learn from, and grow with. Exhibitions this coming week will showcase what they've learned this past session and we can't WAIT to see what they have planned for the community. See you all at the exhibitions!

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