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Project Based Learning: THA Style (Session 4)

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” – John Dewey

“Project-based learning” has become more and more popular in schools nowadays and for good reason. We seldom remember the incessant quizzes, tests, and textbook pages we read in school, but I can still remember several projects I completed: making ice cream in 4th grade, a presentation on Walter Payton, my science fair project, the egg drop, creating a short movie… Projects are far more effective and memorable as a learning experience than sitting at a desk and being talked at. They are hands on, engaging, collaborative, and the onus was on me to learn and to deliver.

At Acton and THA, we take project-based learning to a whole new level. Not only do our Warriors engage in hands-on projects that are fun, collaborative, and self-driven, we turn those typical school projects into life-oriented quests with real world applications, culminating into exhibitions for the entire community. Instead of completing an entrepreneurship project for a business class, our Warriors transform into real entrepreneurs who spend six-weeks actually creating their own businesses, which they showcase to real customers at a Children’s Business Fair. Our Warriors are not merely finishing a history project or competing in a science fair for a class… their studio is transformed into Edison’s lab as they face one real-world challenge after another. Through quests, they embark on a journey that is meant to transform who they are and what they believe. Moreover, the public exhibitions provide an opportunity for Warriors to showcase what they learned to the world, making their learning come alive even more.

Here are the quest maps for this session:

MS/LP = Chemistry and Cooking ES = Edison’s Lab SS = Simple Machines

Can’t wait to see them progress through their quest challenges through the session and what they come up with for the exhibition!

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